Repaired Lenze EVS9325-ES Servo Inverter


Lenze 9300 Family was designed to independently control all the sub-processes within a machine. The units can deliver a very good performance, allowing easy handling and a high degree of flexibility, being the preferred choice for many clients who require a solution easy to be adapted to particular operating conditions. On the basis of preconfigured technology functions available, the different modules of the Lenze 9300 Family can be easy connected to achieve the right performance for the drive application in hand.


To fully fulfill these requirements in terms of the servo technology, the family contains the following four versions of devices:

  • 9300 servo inverter;
  • 9300 servo position controller;
  • 9300 servo cam;
  • 9300 servo register controller.


All of the above variants are build using standardized hardware and software interfaces, so complex designs are easy to implement.


Client: Repair Lenze EVS9325-ES Servo Inverter

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