Repaired Lenze E82EV11K 8200 Vector Frequency Inverter


Lenze 8200 Vector Frequency Inverter Family was designed as a part of a modular system of components interconnected. Combined with the appropriate AC motor (it’s recommended to be used with Lenze motors) offer all the benefits of a electronic variable speed drive for a wide range of application with the power between 0.25 and  90 kW.

All the units in the family are designed as bookshelf mounting, allowing space-saving installation into the control cabinet.

The modular structure allows a very easy optimization of the inverter units for any specific application, allowing a very good performance/price result. Regardless the complexity of any application (from stand-alone systems with potentiometer based control up to inverters networked in a bus systems) there is a member of Lenze 8200 Vector Family suitable for the job.

All units offer the following basic functions:

  • V/f control (either linear or quadratic);
  • DC brake;
  • Flying restart with coasting motor;
  • S-ramp for smooth acceleration;
  • Freely configurable inputs and outputs.


Client: Repaired Lenze E82EV11K 8200 Vector Frequency Inverter


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