Lenze E82EV11K 8200 Vector Frequency Inverter Repair

Lenze E82EV11K 8200 repair

Lenze E82EV11K 8200

     Lenze 8200 Vector Frequency Inverter Family was designed as a part of a modular system of components interconnected. Combined with the appropriate AC motor (it’s recommended to be used with Lenze motors) offer all the benefits of a electronic variable speed drive for a wide range of application with the power between 0.25 and  90 kW.

      All the units in the family are designed as bookshelf mounting, allowing space-saving installation into the control cabinet.

      The modular structure allows a very easy optimization of the inverter units for any specific application, allowing a very good performance/price result. Regardless the complexity of any application (from stand-alone systems with potentiometer based control up to inverters networked in a bus systems) there is a member of Lenze 8200 Vector Family suitable for the job.

      All units offer the following basic functions:

  • V/f control (either linear or quadratic);
  • DC brake;
  • Flying restart with coasting motor;
  • S-ramp for smooth acceleration;
  • Freely configurable inputs and outputs.

      The Lenze 8200 Vector Frequency Inverter series offer also the following monitoring and protective measures:

  • Short circuit;
  • Earth fault;
  • Overvoltage;
  • Motor stalling;
  • Motor phase failure detection;
  • Motor overtemperature.

      Lenze E82EV11K is one of the mid-range products from the 8200 Vector Frequency Inverter family. Its main characteristics are:

  • Motor power: 11 KW;
  • Mains voltage range: 3 phase 320-555 V AC, 45-65 Hz;
  • Alternative DC supply: 450-775 V DC;
  • Nominal mains current: 21 A;
  • Maximum output current: 23.5 A;
  • Nominal brake power:  25 kW;
  • Power loss: 410 W.

      Our laboratory offer free diagnosis for all types of electronic boards. We consider that unless we have identified the root cause of the malfunction we cannot estimate the appropriate repair cost. Usually, repairing costs do not exceed 50% of the price for a new motherboard or equipment.


      Our service department ensures complex repairing processes for electronic components. The tasks are professionally administered and executed by well-trained engineers who can perform correct diagnosis and repairing from simple boards to multi-layer PCB (Printed Circuit Boards).

      The repairing procedure includes:

  • in-depth cleaning of boards
  • rebuilding damaged circuits
  • building work schemes partly or fully, if necessary
  • circuit analysis in order to uncover flaws
  • replacing damaged components
  • preventive replacement for components that could cause further damage
  • software/firmware/bios backup
  • delivery towards testing area

      Components inventory

      The components are being replaced with spare parts belonging to our inventories, but there are cases when it is necessary to import several spare parts directly from the manufacturer/distributor. Our past experience has given us the possibility to build up good communication means with European, Asian and American manufacturers; therefore we also give you the benefit that, in accordance with our contract, we can cover any need of component required by the repair process.

      Optional services

      On demand, we also provide the following services:

  • Delivering the equipment from/to your address
  • Transportation can be made possible by using any of the following companies: DHL, UPS.
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