AC inverter repair

AC inverter repair

What do we know about stages of AC inverter to repair it?

If you need to repair your AC Inverter, there are some stages of an inverter useful to any electronic technician about its proper functioning, briefly described below: AC inverter converts a DC potential derived from a lead-acid battery into a AC potential, but there are many and complex stages of the inverter functioning; we can talk about simple three important stages, namely oscillator, amplifier and transformer output.

The first stage, oscillator is responsible for generation of oscillating pulses through an IC circuit or transistorized circuit in order to produce voltage peaks in form of square pillars or waves.

The second stage is amplifier or booster when the received frequency is amplified to high current levels and the third stage is output transformer which is used to step-down the input mains AC to the lower specified AC levels through magnetic induction.

There can be a sine wave inverter, in order to obtain a sinusoidal alternating current from a transformer is used an oscillator, an amplifying transistor with feeding some of amplified output back to its input. A positive feedback is searched using extra components to produce the required frequency.

If you understand these above-mentioned stages of AC inverter, it is easier to do the AC inverter repair. We investigate troubleshooting and we have some tips about how to repair an inverter. If the inverter is dead, we check battery voltage and connection, for a blown fuse and if the fuse is not blown, we open the inverter cover and locate oscillator section, disconnect its output and confirm the inverter proper working.

If there is no frequency or a stable DC, it can be a possible fault, so IC and components have to be remedied. But if oscillator is working ok, the amplifier has to be checked. There can be transformers that do not function, its open winding or a loose internal connection.

We are the specialists to perform professional AC inverter repair, with a previous investigation of the troubleshooting for customer’s AC inverter, as faults may have such different causes, and we analyze all possibilities in order to know the error or damaged piece and then repair it.

So the stages of AC inverter are very important in order to repair it with the best results, to find all faults, to investigate all its working problems. The customer may also be specialist in the field and know the errors, but it is always better to let us investigate, as it is part of our work to check for troubleshooting in all situations that can occur with AC inverter.

We perform then the repair of this servo drive in safe conditions and with the best prices the customer may obtain in the repair market. Our team is ready for any damage such inverter may have and the customer will receive the repaired piece assembled in the AC inverter, such the industrial drive will work properly for a long period after our repair.

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